Recent Projects

A large Pennsylvania chemical company needed to convey their material from bulk bags at floor level to their mix tank. The total conveying distance was 50’-0. They called on MPS & Volkmann Vacuum Conveying for the solution.

Volkmann provided a bulk bag unloader with hoist, bag agitators and a lump breaker in the hopper. The receiver was placed in a trolley system to move the unit when not in use. Volkmann provided a BFM fitting to connect the receiver discharge to the mix tank. All of this made it easy for the operator to connect and disconnect the receiver from the mix tank and to access the receiver for cleaning and maintenance.

This system has been running successfully for years. The Volkmann Multi Injector vacuum pump system has proven to be a reliable vacuum conveying devise. Their air operated ATEX certified unit was the perfect choice for the class 1, div.2, group B area.

A local cement manufacturer installed a truck unloading system including a Merrick weighbelt feeder which feeds a Rapat belt conveyor. MPS worked with a local engineering firm who provided civil and structural design.

A steel fabricator recently installed a Sly Horizontal Cartridge Collector to remove dust from their sand blast stations. MPS worked with GSM Industrial who designed and installed the duct work and collector.

A local ship unloading facility recently installed a Vortex Valves 24” 3-way Seal Tite diverter valve. Electric actuators and all stainless steel construction.